Macedonia:Companies will get much lower prices on the liberalized electricity market claim from EDS electricity trading company

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Companies will benefit from the full liberalization of the electricity market, because it means cheaper electricity for them. On the other hand, for the citizens staying on a regulated market pays off more, says Koco Angjushev of EDS (ENERGY DELIVERY SOLUTIONS).

He explains his attitude with high grid network fee, i.e. fee for using the network of EVN, which does not allow for liberalized price for households to go lower than the regulated price.

“Regulated electricity price for households as of 1 January 2015 will be 72 euros per megawatt hour, and this price cannot be achieved on the free market. Grid network fee is 38 euros, while the stock market price without any costs is 43-44 euros per megawatt hour. The regulated price is lower, because the government allows citizens to benefit from ELEM’s low electricity prices at 39 euro, which is legitimate for us under these socio-economic conditions.  We cannot and do not want to force, or to convince people to pay more, “says Angjushev.

Although he says he has his own personal view, he still does not want to comment on whether the grid network fee is too high, and would rather leave for the Energy Regulatory Commission to decide on that matter.

That’s why EDS, as a company licensed for electricity distribution, will focus on companies that will benefit and will be able to provide themselves with a lower electricity price if they go on a liberalized market.

“We invite all companies to decide who will supply them with electricity, because it is in their interest. The choice should be made until the 15th of November this year. Otherwise, they will be supplied in a pinch, which means they will pay a higher price than the current one. Our bidding process is completely transparent, and anyone who asks for an offer will see exactly how much he will save. We have no hidden clauses in the agreement, so what the companies sign with us that is what they really get. Therefore, so far 64% of them have full confidence in us and are satisfied with the changes, and they are getting a cheaper price and full service from our side, “explains Angjushev.

According to him, EDS has the best offers for companies because only that company can guarantee stable low price of electricity for the entire duration of the contract.

“The one that possesses the biggest balance group on the electricity market, in case of EDS 64% of the share, can offer the best terms for companies. This means that every client of EDS will have a guaranteed price for the duration of the contract. The prices are on average 40% lower than the current ones and this reduction is a result of end of the monopoly on electricity sales and the entry of EDS on the market with terms and prices that are now realistic for the industry, ‘said Koco Angjushev from EDS.

The company explained that by changing electricity supplier, the user will not have any change, even in the technical or personnel company setup. Meters, cables and connections remain the same, and EDS provides help in complete adaptation to new system without any additional costs. EDS’ team will make individual offers for each company that will allow them maximum money saving. From 1 January next year all clients will receive invoices with two separate accounts. Once refers to the grid network fee and is paid directly to the network operator. The second bill is for consumed electricity and is issued by the supplier, which includes the fee to MEPSO (Electricity Transmission System Operator of Macedonia). From EDS say that so far they are the only one that informs citizens about the upcoming liberalization, because their competitors and ERC (Energy Regulatory Commission) have never conducted such campaigns.

It is estimated that about 50,000 companies, of which 10,000 are big companies will be included in the final stage of liberalization, and many of them are not well informed about the benefits and about obligation to choose by November 15 whether to stay in regulated or to go out in the liberalized market.

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