Macedonia:Electricity production report august/sept 2013, HPPs on maximum output

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Since early this year, Macedonia has produced enough electricity to meet the needs of tariff consumers, citizens and smaller companies, which are on the regulated price regime. And thereby coal reserves are being saved. This year, the great hydrological situation filled hydroelectric power plants, and most of them exceeded the planned production for the entire year. Electricity imported is for the needs of large companies, which directly purchase electricity on the open market, and to cover losses, that are day by day becoming smaller.

Dispatch reports of the transmission system operator (MEPSO) show that at the end of last month tariff consumers needed 3,882 GWh of electricity and domestic hydropower plants produced 1,202 GWh and thermal power plants 2,684 GWh. Compared to last year, the hydropower potential in the same period obtained 762 GWh.

For this year, according to energy balance, it was planned that hydroelectric power plants produce 873 GWh, but the numbers of obtained amounts show an enormous jump in production, or an increase of over 50%. Most electricity were produced by hydroelectric power plants Tikveš, Šiplje, Globočica, Kozjak, Vrutok and higher production from last year is recorded in small hydroelectric power plants, of which 11 belong to EVN, and 16 are privately owned.

Due to increased production, but also due to lower consumption, which, as of September fell by 370GWh compared to the same period last year, when there were extremely low temperatures, power plants have worked less. They have so far produced over 660 GWh less than in the same period last year. For these reasons blocks were alternately resting in the power plant Bitola and Oslomej.

Otherwise, there were years when the power from power plant was also was exported, but this year due to good hydrology in Europe, there was too much power on the open market, and its price was low, so therefore its exports were unprofitable. Electricity which is Macedonia missing, satisfy the needs of nine large companies that purchase in the open market through imports. But according to consumption, these companies are doing less this year than last year. By August, their consumption was 1,269 GWh unlike the previous year, which also was bad, and they spent then 1,336 GWh.

According to the consumed electricity, Silmak works best, and same as last year the mine Bučim, Usje and Feni Industry. The largest decline has Makstil, Arcelor Mittal and Skopje Leguri, while Okta did not work.

As for the losses, they also began to decline, so 132 GWh of the last year, are now brought to a level of 121 GWh, owing to the EVN detection of electricity theft.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/MEPSO/ELEM/EVN

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