Major international players in SEE region energy market

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Region of South East Europe is still developing in terms of market liberalization. Market coupling is an idea due to the EU regional energy market process and market un-bundling is completed in most of the countries. TSOs and DSOs are restructured in mostly state managed electricity market. Increase of demand for electricity due to the expected bigger industrial production will influence the regional exchange market. Current power generation facilities, region mostly rely on thermal power plants, are under modernization and overhaul cycles in order to meet efficiency and environmental standards. The perspective regional but also also specific potentials in each of the countries brought many international companies in electricity market.


AES owns 2 TPPs in Borsod and Tiszapalkonya in total of 161MW, and one GPP Tisza II (900MW).

EDF owns 3 TPPs Kelenfold, Kispest and Ujpest in total of 1380MW. Also one distribution company EDF Demasz

RWE is owner of 51% of shares in TPP Matra (950MW) and 2 distribution companies ELMU and EMASZ.

EnBW is the owner of 22% of shares in TPP Matra.

Eon owns three distribution companies


Enel owns 2 wind parks, Shabla and Kamen Bryag (2x21MW)

Contour Global owns TPP Maritsa East 3 (908MW) and Tpp Varna (1260MW)

AES owns TPP Galabovo (670MW) and Wind park St Nikolai (156MW)

Alpiq owns wind park Kazanlak (50MW)

EON owns 67% of distribution company Varna and Gorha Oryahovitsa

EVN owns 2 distribution companies: EVN Bulgaria Electrorazpredelenie and SSnadbdjavane


EDP owns Wind park Pestera (90MW) and Cernavoda(138MW)

Cez owns wind park Fantanele (240MW) and distribution company Oltenia

Enel owns 3 distribution companies: Banat, Dobrogea and Muntenia. Enel also owns 2 wind parks (104MW)

Eon owns Energie Romania Eon: electricity and gas distribution company

Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia: electricity generation and distribution is still fully state-owned


A2A, owner of 43,7% of shares of Montenegrin production company


Cez power, owner of 76% of shares of the Albanian distribution company

Verbund owns 1 HPP (Ashta 48MW)

EVN owns 3 HPPs on Devoll river (340MW)


TPP Negotino was acquired by Hitch & MacDonald (Canada) & Finance Engineering Unit Bulgaria

EVN owns distribution company.


Endesa is the owner of 50% in hydro and gas PP (Altek 120MW)

Energjisa:Joint venture of Verbund and Sabanci Group(Tk)