Messer to invest 20MEUR in its Bor operations, electricity purchases from new supplier from EU

10. April 2013. / News Serbia Energy

The Company Messer Technogas which does business within German Messer group, will invest more than 20 million EUR in construction of new facility for air separation in Bor- Managing Director of Messer Technogas, Ernst Bode stated to medias.

He said on Kopaonik business forum that there are certain delays in realization of this project because of bureaucratic obstacles in our country.

This company has invested more than 100 million EUR in Serbia so far, according to his words.

Bode stated that electricity price in Serbia increased much for buyers on high voltage and that this complicates business in these 26 companies.

According to his words, electricity price for this kind of consumers is 30% higher than in Germany and 16% with reference to Hungary. Bode remarked that consumers spend 10 percent of total consumption in Serbia.

Construction of this new facility in Bor should be finished at the beginning of 2014, like it was announced.

EPS announced in February that it isn’t supplier to the Messer Company anymore because this company concluded a supply contract with Slovenian Energy Dealer “GEN-I”.

The capacity of this new motion will be three times higher i.e. 10.000 of oxygen cubic will be produces, as well as 7.000 of nitrogen cubic per hour.

Messer bought an old factory for oxygen production in Bor for 2,7 million dollars in 2009. Messer Technogas does business in Serbia in factories in Bor, Nis, Pancevo, Novi Sad, Belgrade, Pozega, Kraljevo and more than 330 workers are being employed. It has production capacities in Montenegro also.

Source;Serbia Energy/Agencies

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