Mining and exploration of precious minerals in Serbia, three new gold mines near Bor

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Avala resources company invests in the openning of two new mines. Mines in the next three years. Three locations are hidding reserves of about 130 tons of precious metals.

Canadian company Avala resources will invest more than a half billion of dolars in the next three years, in openning of two open pit gold mine at Crni Vrh mountain, between Bor and Zagubica.

This was exclusively confirmed by Juastin Van Der Torn, the key manager for exploration in Canadian company.

According to previous researches, at Crni Vrh, actually at Bigar site, 38 million tons of gold ore was found in, from which it is possible to get almost 48 tons of this precious metal, underlines Van Der Tor. We finished explorations at the other site at Crni Vrh-Kork, where preliminary results are even better in comparison to Bigar.

According to him, the preliminary results of geological researches at Kraku pestar (third site at Crni Vrh),

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