Mining explorations in Serbia, Dundee leading the investors and gold as biggest interest of foreign companies

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Serbian mining industry is recovering slowly, potentials of different precious minerals and rare resources are confirmed with great number of foreign companies exploring different sites and locations in the country. Dundee precious metals, with number of permits and exploration sites are leading the gold exploration in Serbia. Serbia offers promising investment opportunities, particularly in primary commodities, especially in mining and minerals.

Attracted by a solid business environment in mining industry, clear competitive advantages of mining exploration of different precious and other rare metals Serbia hosts more than 50 foreign companies holding permits for exploration. With another 30 domestic companies with permits Serbia is starting to use its mining potentials which are huge. There is even a significant number of foreign companies awaiting the exploration permits.

One of the corner stones of serbian mining industry is promotion of its potentials and attracting the foreign investors. Domestic services and mining companies are not lacking the knowledge and experience and such a trend could bring synergy benefits for both country, local economy and investors. Serbian labour is quite experienced and competitive for foreign companies which in the same time benefit on their investment side. The stock market and shares of foreign mining companies in Serbia are in constant trend of increasing the value which again confirms the competitive mining advantages of Serbian mining industry.

The race for precious metals exploration just started and more foreign companies are expected to come. Benefits for all involved parties are awaiting to be realized.

The list of mining industry exploration permits in Serbia ( 60 FDI projects):

1.       South Danube Metals doo, Medenovac cold, copper, molibden, zink, city of Novi Pazar

2.       Dundee plemeniti metali doo, Savinac Cu,Ag,Au Boljevac

3.       Dundee plemeniti metali doo, Zlot gold and metals in Bor

4.       SEE” doo, Beograd Lece gold, locations of Kur