Mining Serbia: Copper foundry reconstruction and new sulfur acid plant construction delayed?

22. May 2013. / Mining

Project of foundry reconstruction and new sulfur acid plant’s construction in Bor which is ranked in the most significant Serbia’s investments in public areas, is in the center of attention not because of complex and extensive work that made this construction yard one of the biggest in the country or because of new technology that will bring pure sky to it and its surrounding villages, but because of absurd situation in which was brought by papers- it is explained by Mining and Smelting Basin Bor.

Republic Construction Inspector of Ministry of Construction and Urbanism concluded two years before launching construction of the “new foundry” that certain parts of this meaningful investment are being constructed without construction license. The solution, that construction will be closed and the deadline of two months to do it, followed with the remark that appeal does not postpone the enforcement. Only positions, that licenses are issued for, were worked on in the meantime.

-No matter if this is the national project, I completely disagree with the fact that we cannot work without documentation. Unlike the world practice where the complete project with complete documentation is prepared first, we decided (when I say “we”, I mean the Serbian Government, and all sides involved) that the new foundry is being worked in phases and that in accordance with that permissions are being issued. The reason is that it needs to be finished as soon as possible and that production mustn’t be endangered at any moment. This is a brown field investment, we are constructing the new foundry, and the old one is not stopped, but we live from it- Managing Director of MSB Bor Blagoje Spasovski said and added that Administrative organ of Serbian Government has cancelled both solutions very quickly because it would be completely senseless to ruin and build again, not to mention the damage to MSB Bor.

According to Spasovski’s words, designers that sent 53 warning mails are responsible for delay during licenses’ issuance. These designers have probably often problems with projecting and connecting the old with the new. Fortunately, the stoppage on work at certain parts of the project of almost two months won’t endanger expenses, as Managing Director of MSB Bor claims.

-I think that we’ll compensate the lost time. The summer is closing and we will work in three shifts. We have issued 73 licenses so far and we’ll get more as projects arrive. For example, all projects have arrived for the foundry, they have been revised and we are expecting licenses’ issuance- Spasovski concludes.

Source: Serbia Energy/Danas/RTB

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