Mining Serbia: Copper mining company records 35MEUR income from new excavation field

15. May 2013. / Mining

It was difficult to convince the public, even some of the key management people in Serbian copper mining basin company MSB Bor, that excavation of the mining body “T” was more than profitable at the time its exploitation was beginning, little less than three years ago.

Everybody knows today, after its exploitation in pure income of 40 million dollars gained from copper, gold and silver, that this mining body is not only rich with minerals but also very profitable site.

-Mining body “T” has been prepared according to the new method which can be called Bor’s method. Open space ensured with anchors is my idea successfully realized by Jama’s miners, businessmen, engineers and two professors from Mining-Geology University- Professor Petar Lokin and Professor Radojica Lapcevic. It was difficult to fight for something new in perspective which should bring savings to the company and I am proud now- Managing Director of MSB, Blagoje Spasovski, said.

He explained then that it is regular practice to fulfill excavated space with dry or wet material i.e. flotation backfill after finishing the exploitation. Bor’s method excludes backfilling- If we worked according to an old method and backfilled excavated space with cement or any other backfill material, our rest would be only 2 million dollars. And we have earned 40 million dollars instead! – Spaskovski stresses. The first man of RTB especially points the fact that Bor’s method of excavation has brought the additional security to the miners who work 720m underground. There were no injuries, not to mention some bigger accident.

Mining body “T” is the richest site that was exploited in MSB during the last 35-40 years. Around 250 thousand tons of mineral, both poor and rich, were excavated and 8.500 tons of copper is given. Around 150 thousand tons were excavated in rich part of the site where 5,5% was copper in average and the rest is poorer mineral which contains 1% of copper.

Source;Serbia Energy/ RTB

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