Mining Serbia: Mining and Smelting Basin Bor’s foundry, What is the problem?

17. May 2013. / Mining

MSB Bor stated that delay of permits have stopped the construction of the new foundry and factory of sulfur acid. Stagnation of works for two months on certain project parts won’t increase expenses.

Managing Director of Bor Blagoje Spasovski said that lost time will be compensated and that there will be three shifts during summer in order to finish foundry and sulfur acid factory in planned terms.

“We have provided 73 permissions so far and we’ll provide other licenses as projects proceed. For example, all projects for foundry have arrived, they are revised and we are waiting on licenses’ issuance”, he said.

It is added in the statement that Spaskovski said that he agrees with that it is no possible to work without documentation, but new foundry is decided to work in phases so in accordance with that we are getting permissions so it can be completed as soon as possible and that future production is not endangered at any moment while works are in progress.

“This is brown field investment, we are building a new foundry while old one is not stopped, but we are living from it. So it was important and it shall be important for all Bor’s people that this project is finished as soon as possible and that poisoning of citizens finally stops”, he emphasized.

Construction of the new foundry and sulfur acid factory in Bor started in Jun 2011 and it should be functioning until 2014. 175 million EUR are planned to be invested in modernization of the foundry.

Source;Serbia Energy/RTB

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