Modernization and New projects in Serbia Power Generation, new power plan units and hydro pp

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Serbia Energy brings brief status report on EPS modernization cycle, new projects in power generation system both coal fired power plants and related mining supply but also hydro projects. Assessment period 2010/2011

Modernization and Reconstructions in EPS power gen coal and hydro pp facilities, mines which are of key importance for coal PP plants work ( 70% of serbia electricity is coming from coal fired power plants)

Nikola Tesla B TPPs (B1 and B2)

The Nikola Tesla B TPP is located on the right bank of the Sava River, about 50 km upstream from Belgrade. It includes two units with gross installed capacity of 618.5 MW. Unit B1 is commissioned in 1983, and B2 in 1985. Electricity generation in thermal power plants is based on lignite coming from the Kolubara MB OCMs, value of 6.700kJ/kg.

This TPP presents significant electricity producer within EPS power system. Units are de- signed for base load operation of the power system and reach annual capacity generation of 8.3 bill. KW/h.

In the respect of the new thermal capacities construction and their commissioning, PE EPS considered possibility of units capacity increase within the Nikola Tesla B TPP, in order to reduce electricity deficiency impact. Analysis (ECORAM) has been developed, by which measures and possibilities for capacity increase at the unit B2 are identified. This document present base line for development of Preliminary Design, analyzing systems which have direct impact on the unit capacity increase.

Feasibility Study with the Preliminary Design, besides proposed measures for unit capacity increase, also analyzes economic feasibility of the observed technical-technological solution within existing unit borders. This project anticipates bringing of all units and equipment into designed parameters with special measures and requirements for the unit capacity increase, and implementation of the environmental protection system within the legal regulation.

Predicted measures are providing unit capacity increase for about 47 MW.

Here are about two units with the same capacity that is why the same technical-techno- logical solution will be used, where eventual technical deficiencies from the unit B2 will be considered.


Estimated value of the necessary investments for the reconstruction of the unit B2 for the purpose of nominal capacity increase is about EUR 22.7 million, which, at the same time, presents the investment level for the unit B1.


Necessary measures for capacity increase on the unit B2 are planned to be implemented during unit annual overhaul by 2012.

Reconstruction activities of the unit B1 would be implemented in period 2012