Modernization Project of Refining Capacities in Pancevo Refinery Entered Its Final Stage

3. July 2012. / News Serbia Energy

In June as a part of modernization project of Pancevo Refinery the construction of a series of new refining and infrastructure faicilities has been completed and at present they are ready for technical acceptance.

Among new refining facilities there is a sulfur granulation unit including the technological equipment installed in accordance with the most advanced international standards in the area of production of industrial sulfur. All processes at granulation unit are maximally automatized and they secure safe and undistrubed operation. This unit will be put into operation symultaneously with the start up of MHC/DHT complex.

Also, the reconstruction of the Gas Treatment Unit S-500 has been completed, being crucial for obtaining of different types of gases and motor fuel. The unit has been successfully tested and currently it is completely ready for exploitation.
Within the framework of construction of infrastructure facilities at the site of Pancevo Refinere, the construction of a line for transmission of electricity and of a transformer substation of 220/6 ?? capacity is finished, which is to enable the supplying of new refinery units by adequate quantities of electricity.
The most advanced designing solutions and the latest equipment have been applied in the designing of energy generation facilities.

For the modernization project of refining capacities in Pancevo Refinery the best international and Serbian companies, leaders in the area of production of equipment for petrochemical industry, engineering and construction, have been engaged.
The level of payments of NIS to its suppliers of equipment and construction work contractions and preparations for the start-up, by June 2012, exceded 500 million EUR.
Previously in April 2012 Gazprom Neft Gazprom Neft completed the last investment tranche required by a sales contract for 51% of the shares of NIS. Thus the company fullfilled the conditions of the Agreement with the Government of the Republic of Serbia two months ahead of the deadline stipulated in the document. Since 2009, Gazprom Neft

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