Montenegro: 307MW HPP Perucica marks record production results in 1st Q/2013

, SEE Energy News

HPP “Perucica” marked 53 years of existence and work.

“The oldest Montenegrin hydro power plant began working very successfully in 2013 thanks to the strong water inflows and operational readiness”, it was stated from Elektroprivreda Crne Gore EPCG, Montenegro state power utility company partially owned by Italian A2A company.

Almost 540 GWH of electricity was produced in the first three months this year and that is 63% more than it was planned.

EPCG expects good results to continue during the second quarter also and it is realistic that annual production plan is accomplished before annual overhaul in the beginning of August.

“All seven aggregates have been working at full power since the last year without the smallest stoppage, and daily and monthly record production was achieved in March”- it is stressed in the statement.

There are 5 small HPPs in HPP “Perucica” structure whose strength amounts 307 MW and possible annual production about 1.300 GWH (at Podgorica, Cetinje and Savnik territory).

“Small HPPs with annual production of almost 20 million KWH, small HPPs represent precious sources in time of very big lack of electricity”, it is stated in EPCG.

“HPP Perucica is placed in the north part of Bjelopavlicka ravnica and it delivered the first amounts of electricity to Montenegrin electricity transmission system in 1960. It got its name after springhead Perucica which originates in its surroundings.

Water from upper stream of Zeta river is used for electricity production i.e. water from Niksicko polje which is placed on very profitable fall and short distance from HPP “Perucica” turbines. Accumulations “Krupac”, “Slano” and “Vrtac” are in contain of HPP “Perucica”.

Source; Serbia Energy