Montenegro: A2A can stay in JV power utility EPCG only under A2A terms claim Valoti A2A president

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Joint venture agreement of A2A and Montenegro government on the extension of contract for management of power utility EPCG is still in question.

President of A2A company Giovanni Valoti commented on the negotiations the company had for a year and a half with representatives of the Government of Montenegro.
Among other things, Valoti stressed that A2A will not give up their demands, and that during the new negotiations with our government they will ask for the signing of an agreement based on the conditions they impose.

According Valoti, new negotiations between the 2A and Government are expected soon regarding the continuation of their cooperation in EPCG.

“Progress has been made in negotiations with the Montenegrin side. We will ask for an agreement based on the conditions imposed by A2A, including the stability of the regulatory framework and investment profitability,” said Valoti.

While commenting on the fact that negotiations have been going on for more than a year, Valoti said that they will not last for years anymore but they will be finished in several months. Also, Valoti stressed that despite the fact that on December 15, the annex to the agreement on management expired, negotiations will be continued, transmits

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