Montenegro: A2A claim there was no fictitious consulting services

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All payments of Electric Power Industry Montenegro EPCG, relating to consulting services, were done on the basis of the fulfilled contractual obligations with companies that hired stated EPCG on the media accusations. Italian A2A manages the EPCG.

They pointed out that they have been recently faced with “frequent unfounded allegations that the company illegally paid fictitious consulting services in multi-million amount”.

“For the purpose of public informing, but also for protecting the company’s image, EPCG once again wishes to emphasize that all payments of this type were carried out on the basis of the fulfilled contractual obligations of the companies which EPCGengaged”, according to a statement released to the media.

There were also talks about consulting services at a recent control hearing in the Assembly of Government representatives, EPCG, namely, the Italian company A2A, in order to determine the degree of implementation of the five-year contract.

Somenon-governmental organization earlier accused EPCGManagement that company had paid to the company BEIN the fictitious invoices for consultancy services worth millions,and so it violated the Law on Public Procurement.

Thus, as they say, was caused damage worth millions to electricity consumers, citizens and the state of Montenegro, A2A shareholders in Italy and EPCG.

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