Montenegro: A2A power company EPCG increased income in the first quarter 2013

, SEE Energy News

Energy Power Utility of Montenegro (EPCG, partially owned by A2A) finished the first quarter of the year with 14,58 million EUR income which is significantly higher than in the same period last year- it is stated in the report published on website of Commission for Securities.

Business income of EPCG amounted 77,7 million EUR in the first quarter which is 13,2% more than in the comparing period while business expense is decreased from 26,6% to 56,72 million EUR.

Material expenses amounted 14,24 million EUR, earning, contribution and other personal expenses 11,5 millions and amortizations 9,18 million EUR. Other business expenses amounted 10,92 million EUR.

Total assets of the company at the end of the first quarter amounted 1,1 billion EUR and it was 1,2 % higher than in comparing period.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/Pobjeda