Montenegro: A2A power utility company EPCG is not entitled to seek reimbursement of extra costs

, SEE Energy News

Electric Power Industry of Montenegro (EPCG) does not have the right to seek compensation for the expropriation of extra costs through electricity bills from the Regulatory Agency for Energy (RAE), as told by its representatives.

“RAE, in accordance with the authority given to it by the Law on Energy, establishes or approves the regulatory allowed income and energy prices for entities performing activities of transmission, distribution and supply of electricity,” said the RAE.

The Agency, as stated, does not determine the price of electricity from domestic sources based on cost of production, and therefore there is no possibility that EPCG – Functional unit Production through regulated tariffs approved by the Agency, to obtain reimbursement of costs, including the cost of land acquisition, which would had an impact on the cost of electricity to end customers.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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