Montenegro: A2A prefers CZ Skoda instead of CMEC China?

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If the EPCG Board accepts the proposal, Skoda will win Chinese CMEC on the tender for the construction of thermal power plant.

Commission for bids evaluation for the construction of the second unit of the thermal power plant in Pljevlja will propose to the Board of Directors of the Electric Power Industry that the winning bidder is the Czech Skoda.

If the Board accepts this, the second-ranked bidder will be Chinese CMEC. The EPCG Board of Directors will likely bring the decision on Thursday, when the session is planned.

The seven-member board makes those that the Government chooses to represent the state capital, and three representatives are from the Italian partner company A2A.

Czech Republic offer is 12.5 MEUR more expensive than the Chinese and it amounts 338.5 MEUR. Each megawatt of TPP would cost about 1.3 MEUR in both companies.

Commission view is that Skoda is better in a technical sense, but when we take into account the energy efficiency and quality of the equipment and Czech offer is financially more profitable.

Czechs will build the thermal unit with power of 254 megawatts (MW) with energy efficiency of 39.5 percent, and the Chinese of 250 MW with an efficiency of 39 percent. Skoda Praha, which is owned by the energy company CEZ, is the engineering-vendor enterprise.