Montenegro: Akuo-EBRD-KfW finances wind park Krnovo construction in progress

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Montenegrin media informed that three wind turbines have been set up at the location of the future wind farm Krnovo, while the remaining nine turbines have been already delivered to the site.

The representatives of Montenegrin Ministry of Economy announced that all necessary equipment for the realization of this project have been already delivered and the project itself is progressing as planned. They also noted that the investor is obliged to put the wind farm into operation by May 2017.

Krnovo wind farm will have power output of 72 MW, and it is expected to produce between 200 and 230 GWh of electricity per year, which is about 8 % of the national output. Electricity output should be enough to supply nearly 20,000 households. During the first 12 years of operation the wind farm will sell electricity to EPCG under fixed preferential prices. The company Krnovo Green Energy is established solely for the purpose of constructing and operating the wind farm and the investor is Akuo Energy SAS from France. The project is worth about 120 million euros and it is partially financed through loans provided by the German KfW Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), transmits