Montenegro: Biggest consumer burden to country energy balance, electricity trade & games

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Urgent request was sent to Aluminum Combine because of illegal electricity supply.

CGES asked from KAP to conserve its production immediately i.e. to turn off all cells in Elektroliza. KAP’s Managing Board will make decision about this request tomorrow.

Montenegrin electricity transmission system asked from Aluminum Combine urgent production conservation i.e. temporary work stoppage until permanent solution for electricity supply is found- CGES said to “Dan”. Production conservation means planned cell extinguishing, as it was explained from KAP.

-KAP consumes electricity without provided supplier at the moment and on the account of electricity interconnection reservoir. Considering that, Elektroprivreda limited systematic reservoir provided by its plants, CGES sent a request for urgent production conservation to KAP until finding the permanent solution for supply in order to avoid extension of disorder to neighbor systems. Alternatively, KAP can urgently provide a supplier- it was stated from CGES and added that KAP Managing Board will decide about their request tomorrow. Cell conservation is the process that lasts about a month and it means planned extinguishing so the production in these cells can be launched again. Production in KAP takes place in two halls of Elektroliza at the moment i.e. in 220 cells because 200 cells were turned off in two halls of Elektroliza in October last year.

KAP is being illegally supplied with electricity since 1 January, when the contract with Montenegrobonus expired. CGES asked from EPCG provision of 84 MW of electricity on daily basis since 1 January in order to balance electricity system. Although CGES established that KAP makes rebalance it can’t turn it off from the network while someone from energy subject does not ask for that. Neither EPCG nor Montenegrobonus asked for electricity turn off.

Illegal electricity supply to KAP costs 3,5 million to citizens per month, and 93 thousand EUR daily. Prime Minister, Milo Djukanovic stated recently that there is no unpaid bills. The proposal sent by his Government to Parliament considers  that state budget shall pay KAP’s debt for electricity toward EPCG and Montenegrobonus. Their proposal didn’t get required majority but the SNP’s proposal that implies Government to pay 44 million EUR to EPCG of the debt did. KAP’s debt toward Montenegrobonus is nine million and unpaid bills from 1 January are around 10 million EUR so far.

Source;Serbia Energy SEE desk/Dan/Agencies/MNE Gov