Montenegro boosting RES projects, hydro and wind projects concessions granted to investors

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Small HPPs’ projects are being realized according to 13 contracts for concession and at least five of them are expected to be launched this year, Deputy Minister of Economy in Montenegro government, Miodrag Canovic stated.

He said after governmental conference that small HPPs’ projects are being realized according to 13 contracts for concession that were concluded after two public competitions and three contracts for concession on the base of issued energy licenses.

“Absence of spatial-planning documents on a local level, as well as developed electricity transmission and distribution network and possibility of plants’ connection to electricity system has a significant influence to realization of small HPPs’ construction next to investors’ delays in accomplishing agreed obligations”, Canovic explained.

Besides problems with local population are present because of gained rights to use the haunting potential and resolve legal property related issues. He said that HPP power should be about 100 MW in accordance with 140 million EUR worth investment. This is significant to electricity system and he hopes that projects will be finished in the next two years.

“We have issued 9 construction licenses for HPPs so far, so they should be realized this year. We think that at least five of them will be realized” Canovic said.

According to his words, existing problems have made solutions that were adopted on today’s session, besides making conditions for more efficient realization and following of these projects.

Future projects of small HPPs construction are being realized in accordance with accepted dynamic. Hidroenergija Montenegro from Berane is concessioner to Bistrica and Sekularska, Podgorcki Dekar to watercourse Crnja, and Kroling from Danilovgrad is concessioner to Komaraca”, Canovic précised.

Three concession contracts were proposed for the break up because concessioners didn’t provide the guaranty that is planned with every law.

“Wind power plants projects are being realized on the base of contract for WPP constructions in Krnovo and Mozura land lease, Canovic said.

Project of WPP construction in Krnovo is being realized with determined dynamic, despite certain problems with connection and spatial-planning documentation, while Mozura project delays in certain phases but it’s in accordance with terms still.

Source Serbia Energy SEE Desk/Agencies/MNE gov