Montenegro, Bosnia: TSO Co CGES starts the construction of 2x400Kv connection with Bosnia

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With operational submarine power cable to Italy, the construction of transmission lines towards BiH, with existing transmission lines towards Albania, Kosovo and Serbia, Montenegro will become an energy hub in the Balkans.

The Government of Montenegro gave the approval to Montenegrin transmission system for carrying out preparatory work for the construction of large scale transmission line from Lastva to Trebinje, Cevo and Podgorica.

TSO Co CGES addressed in early June for approval of the Government, for the preparatory works of great value, for the construction of access roads and foundations for transmission lines 2×400 kV Lastva – Trebinje and Lastva – Pljevlja (section Lastva – Cevo) and 400 kV Lastva – Podgorica (section Lastva – Cevo), in the intervention of Detailed spatial plan for corridor of a transmission line of 400 kV with optical cable from Montenegrin coast to Pljevlja and undersea cable 500kV with optical cable Italy – Montenegro.

In accordance with the Law on Spatial Planning and Construction, in the application is essentially pointed out, that it is a facility of public interest and that in the framework of the preparatory work, would be carried out works of larger scale. As far as access roads, it is necessary felling and removal of trees and other vegetation, punching roads with the help of construction machinery, filling the roads with small stones and compacting roller, making drainage channels and the application of measures to prevent erosion. The second part of the works includes the development of the foundations for the pillars: the average (?) and cleaning plateau around the pillars, concrete or stone retaining walls, embankments and application of measures for erosion protection. Preparatory works also include the excavation for performance basic rate and trenches ground, rock drilling for anchors rate, formwork, installation of valves, – setting anchors pillars; concrete preparing, transport and installation; laying poles grounding and backfill of footings and trenches for grounding.

For Detailed spatial plan for corridor of the 400 kV with optical cable from Montenegrin coast to Pljevlja and undersea cable 500kV with optical cable Italy – Montenegro published in (“Official Gazette of Montenegro”, No. 47/11), was made the Strategic Impact Assessment Environment and obtained approval from the Agency for Environmental Protection 02-br.UPI 1275/6 of 25.07.2011. The legal basis for the approval of the Government is contained in the Law on Spatial Planning and Construction. In the Government document was not mention the amount of investment but it is known that work on the Montenegrin side will be worth more than 100 MEUR. , transmits