Montenegro: Chinese and European companies to submit offers for TPP Pljevlja new unit project

9. July 2013. / SEE Energy News

10 companies whose offers are cheaper for 60 million than initial project solution prices showed interest for construction of the TPP Pljevlja’s second unit- it is stated in information about evaluation of project activities on existing energy potentials. It is mentioned in the document that potential investors with whom Government spoke about construction of 4 HPPs on Moraca river, have not delivered offers yet.

Companies interested in construction and managing of second unit at Pljevlja TPP expressed positive feedback on received technical inputs which were delivered to them by Montenegro government. These are Chinese companies: China Machinery Engineering Corporation, China Gezouba Group International Engineering Company, China Environmental Energy Holdings”, PowerChina – Hubei Electric Power Survey & Design Institute i China.

Other bidders are european companies Skoda Praha, Istroenergo Group – IEG, Mixed Consortium of Companies from Poland, Rusatom Overseas and Canadian SNC- Lavalin International.

Price could be little lower than predicted 366 million EUR on the base of previous communication with interested investors with reference to the parameters from ideological solution, because bids were 270 to 307 million EUR. Time period of new unit construction is little less than 4 years and three, three and a half years are planned in offers.

Ministry of Economy also stated that they had negotiations with potential investors from Italy, Turkey, Azerbaijan and China related to delivery of offers for construction of HPPs on Moraca river.

-Appropriate documentation for HPPs on Moraca is delivered for this purpose but no bid was delivered by mentioned potential investors. Not even a request for documentation’s clarification- it is written in the document.

Ministry negotiated with potential investors from Italy, Turkey, Azerbaijan and China related to delivery of offers for construction of HPP Komarnica.

-The most serious conversations are done with Chinese Company Sinohydro Corporation Limited which provided an information that offer cannot be prepared without Summary Report for Geology Research Works- it is said in the document.

Ministry of Economy has announced two public advertisements for issuance of concession for coal exploitation from the site Maoce on condition that plants 500 MW strong are constructed, but these advertisements were not successful.

Certain number of foreign companies has shown some interest for Maoce in previous period but that much so this can be the base for tender announcement- it is said in information.

Source;Ministry of Economy Montenegro/Serbia Energy See desk

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