Montenegro: Chinese bidder for TPP Pljevlja new unit offers district heating system as donation

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If it is chosen for the construction of the second unit of TPP, China Hubei Power Company will give to Pljevlje about 4.5 kilometers of the hot water pipeline up to the center, required for Pljevlja heating, said at today’s press conference Ugljesa Vucinic, director of MFE-invest company, regional partner of the company HPC.

One of the three companies that have been shortlisted for the construction of the second unit of TPP, Hubei Power China has offered a far better environmental performance than the directives prescribed by the European Union, but in cooperation with the local government, the company would give Pljevlja also the construction of hot water pipeline in the length of about 4.5 kilometers from the TPP to the center, required for Pljevlja heating, according to PV portal.

On the occasion of the favorable offer of the Chinese company Hubei Power China to build another block of, the head office of a Mayor of Pljevlja Rajko Palibrk said yesterday that this investment would mean a lot to the citizens of Pljevlja.

“In addition to more stringent environmental standards and construction of free hot water pipeline the offer of Hubei Power Chine also favors the cost of construction. They would have built the other unit of 250 megawatts and efficiency of above 39 percent for 277 MEUR “, told reporters, among other things, the director of MFE-invest company, which is a regional partner of Hubei Power Chine, Ugljesa Vucinic.

Responding to questions from journalists, Vucinic said that the eventual construction of the hot water pipeline would ran parallel with the construction of the second unit, but also depending on the availability of project-planning documents of Pljevlja heating.

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