Montenegro: Completed overhaul of HPP Piva

, SEE Energy News

Hydropower plant Piva, will extend its operational life by additional 40 years – State-owned power utility EPCG is completing the overhaul and revitalization of another unit of HPP.

The investment in the revitalization of the entire HPP is around 17 million euros and some 10 million has been invested so far. Revitalization of the first unit (A1) was completed in 2017 and by the end of July the revitalized second unit (A2) will be put into operation, with the investment of around 2 million euros. The revitalization of the last unit of the plant is planned for 2021.

In 2018, EPCG and a Slovenian-Italian consortium of Litostroj and ABB JV have signed an agreement on the reconstruction and modernization of hydropower plant Piva worth 10.3 million euros. The modernization project will be financed by German KfW Bank with 8.5 million euros, while the remaining amount will be covered by EPCG. CEO of EPCG Igor Noveljic said that HPP Piva will receive modernized equipment for all three generators and state-of-the-art power management system which will enable automatic remote control of generators and other equipment. This modernization procedure will extend the plant’s operational life by additional 40 years.




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