Montenegro; Czech Export Bank to support Skoda Praha for TPP Pljevlja second unit bidding and construction

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Czech Company “Skoda Praha” expects to construct a second unit of TPP “Pljevlja” and guarantees that it will satisfy all required standards no matter if these are technologic, economic or ecologic. Significant improvement was achieved on the meeting of Company “Skoda Praha” representatives and representatives of Czech and Montenegrin Governments in discussions about second unit project realization. Investment value is 300 million EUR.

This is priority for Company “Skoda Praha” because Balkan represents its traditional strategic area.

– Skoda Praha have estimated further phase of the offer during the last negotiations in Montenegro. We negotiate about possibility of financing the project by Czech Export Bank and Insurance House EGAP.

Representatives of the bank participated recent negotiations and both institutions together with “Skoda Praha” representatives participated the second session of Mixed Committee for Economy Cooperation which was held in Montenegro at the same time.

Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade is ready to reconsider possibility of extension of the existing international agreement for economy and industry cooperation between Czech Republic and Montenegro so support to this and similar project is provided.

Representatives of investors visited plant Tusumice II in Czech Republic which was sold last year after complete reconstruction and it functions well now with high level of efficiency. They could see that “Skoda Praha” is determined by high electricity productivity. This company relies on 60 years of know-how experience and experience from other energy projects that were successfully realized abroad.

Negotiations in Montenegro were also done with local suppliers which “Skoda Praha” guarantees high engagement in the project to. It is concluded that project will be very useful for Montenegro and it will significantly contribute to increase of employment.

“Skoda Praha” also plans to include experienced and checked Czech suppliers that are guarantors of quality to the whole object and that company cooperates with for a very long time.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/ MNE Ministry of economy