Montenegro: Deadline for submission of bids for TPP Pljevlja new unit prolonged due to the bidders request, tech offer requires more time for evaluation

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Upon request of several interested companies and consortiums for the construction of the second block of the thermoelectric power plant Pljevlja, the Government of Montenegro and EPCG (Electric Power Industry of Montenegro) made ​​the decision to postpone the deadline for submission of bids by 31 October 2013. The previous deadline was the 30th September, but due to extensive documentation, in order to better preparation, more companies / consortiums requested an extension of time.

Interest in the project showed several consortiums and companies, including: Skoda Praha from the Czech Republic, consortium of Poland (POL-MOT, Alstom, Foster Wheeler), the Consortium of Slovakia (Istroenergo Group IEG Slovakia-SES Tlmace), China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC), China Gezouba Group International Engineering Company (CGGC), Powerchina Hubei Electric Power Survey & Design Institute and China Nationaly Electric Engineering Co. Ltd. (CNEEC). Companies that have announced their involvement in discussions about the project have also shown interest, namely Rosato from Russia, TBEA Shenyang Transformer Group Co. Ltd. China, CKD energy from the Czech Republic as well as a companiy from Turkey.

EPCG, according to the Study for the construction of the second block of TPP, intends to build a new unit with a capacity of 220 to 300 megawatts, at the current location of the first block. Commitment of EPCG, as their representatives said, is to select the best bidder without tenders, while the project would be implemented through an interstate agreement.

Offers will be evaluated by the criteria of the best financial relations of technical, environmental and commercial proposals, and by a minimum of total risk of the project. The obligation of the bidder would be to provide a credit of 75 to 85 percent of the money needed for the project, or that along with project funding, in a certain percentage offers the option of joint venture.

The new block will suit the most demanding conditions of modern technology and environmental protection according to EU and Montenegro norms. Net energy efficiency of TPP can not be less than 38 percent, while with this project it is also ensured mandatory thermal station to provide energy for district heating of Pljevlja.

By the construction of the second block, the strategic goal of energy would be achieved, electrical power independence of the state provided, current deficit of electricity eliminated, security of supply improved, as well as the stability and sustainability of the power system of Montenegro.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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