Montenegro: Domestic production covered 97 % of electricity consumption

, SEE Energy News

Last year, 3.38 TWh of electricity was produced in Montenegro, which is 2.9 % less than the coun-try’s gross electricity consumption.
According to the report on the realization of Ener-gy Balance for 2019, 97.1 % of Montenegro’s gross electricity production was covered by local generation. At the monthly level, the ratio of pro-duction and gross consumption varied depending on hydrological conditions and commercial esti-mates of power utility EPCG.
In 2019, electricity production was 0.4 % below planned, while electricity consumption was 1.9 % below. A comprehensive analysis indicates that the entry of new electricity generation facilities, namely wind farms and small hydropower plants (SHPP) into the energy system of Montenegro re-duces the country’s energy independence.
HPP Perucica produced 952 GWh of electricity in 2019, which is 3.5 % more than planned, HPP Pi-va produced 665 GWh or 11.3 % less than planned, small HPPs produced 80.3 GWh or 16.2 % less planned, and Krnovo and Mozura wind farms produced 294 GWh of electricity or 6 % less than planned.
Solar power plants produced 0.98 GWh, just 48.8 % of the plan, while thermal power plant Pljevlja produced 1.39 TWh or 5.6 % more than planned.