Montenegro: During past five years huge amount of electricity was stolen

, SEE Energy News

Since 2016, a total of 86 million kWh of electricity worth 8.7 million euros has been stolen in Montenegro, according to Montenegrin electricity distribution system operator CEDIS.

Of the total amount, CEDIS managed to collect about 70 % or 6 million euros. From the begging of 2021 until June 30, 8,597,316 kWh of electricity worth about one million euros has been unlawfully consumed, of which about 71 % CEDIS was able to collect at the end. Unauthorized use of electricity is treated as a criminal offense, i.e. theft. According to the regulations, unauthorized use of electricity means: arbitrary connection of users to the electricity distribution system or to the installation of another customer, use of energy without metering devices, unauthorized intervention on metering devices, which prevents proper calculation of consumed energy, etc.