Montenegro electricity market: GENI and EPCG to become partners in 2013

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Company GENI which works on 18 different markets has very good cooperation with Montenegro Energy company EPCG and it is present on all electricity procurement tenders this year. The renowned company representative, Predrag Savić believes that EPCG has gone one step further in the most positive sense with reference to other electric power industries in region, in transparent, market orientation and any other sense. If we must estimate cooperation with EPCG from 1 to 10, we would grade it 9, 5. Savić points out that offer’s validity and expiry date are still missing.

Electricity is merchandise used for stock market and which price can change for several Euros daily. Price can drastically change since offer delivery until contract completion in this kind of situation when shopping is placed on public tenders and offer validity of 7, 10 or 20 days is asked.

That is one complain in order not to think that everything is perfect. However, I must stress that colleagues from EPCG approved our application a year ago and shortened deadline, but we believe that deadline is still too long for trade conditions. But it is worked on it, as far as I know. It has to do with inner procedures of EPCG. I must point it out one more time: “EPCG has made a lot of big, positive steps, not only in classic trade, but also in flexibility view, in sense of marketing with some other projects”, emphasized representative of GENI Company.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine