Montenegro Energy company 180MEUR depts problems

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According to the latest data from the Montenegro Electric Power Industry, the total debt to the company is 180 million Euros, out of which 120 million Euros is owed by the households. The largest debtors in that category come from Nikšić whose average bill is 620 Euros.

Consumers who have debts of more than € 300 and three unpaid bills receive a warning. If they still do not pay the exclusion follows. In the Electric Power Industry they say they are reluctant use such measure.

“The first wed talk to consumers. We try to find a model for them to settle their debt, we make a contract with deferred payment, with more installments. If that fails, then we use the least popular measure – disconnection from the grid “explained Vladimir Bojičić director of the Supply Sector in EPIM for Vecernje novosti.

It is not uncommon, he says, for consumers to come on their own and try to agree with us on how to settle their obligations. To encourage regular payments, Electric Power Industry organized a contest that will allow favorable energy prices to regular payers, but also quite a few prizes.

“The prizes will be drawn in two circles. In the first round on December 22, prizes will be drawn prizes, and the so-called consumer-members of the “Golden Team” have a right to participate, who fulfilled their obligations by September 30. In the second round of the Competition all those who have paid all the bills until the end of October have a right to participate” said Bojičić.

In addition, the Electric Power Industry calculates monthly deduction of up to ten percent for regular payers.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine

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