Montenegro: Energy company EPCG, 6 months production report in 2014th

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Only HPP “Perucica” fulfilled the production plan, while HPP “Piva” and TPP “Pljevlja”, due to objective circumstances, produced 50 GWh less than expected. Unfavorable hydrological conditions, as well as prolongation of TPP “Pljevlja” repair impact on the six-monthly production output.

In the first six months of this year, the Electric Power Industry of Montenegro produced 93.6% of the planned amount of electricity. At the same time, 518 GWh of electricity was purchased for EPCG needs, while 342 GWh was sold. The average price of purchased energy totaled 38.35 euros per megawatt hour, while the average selling price in the first half of the year was EUR 53.84 GWh.

Of the planned 1,560 million GWh of energy, Montenegrin Electric Energy system produced 1,460 GWh. The difference of 100 GWh by the realization of the semi-annual plan goes “on account of” HPP “Piva” which produced 50 GWh of electricity less than it was set by plan. Identical situation is with TPP “Pljevlja” which also was divided from hundred percent performances for 50 GWh. Our oldest, a large hydropower plant “Perucica” practically filled the plan because 99.9 percent of the planned energy passed through its turbine. Little hydropower plants shifted a plan, so that, instead of expected 3.7GWh, produced nearly 4 GWh of energy. And in “Zeta energy” also can be satisfied, because the plan was exceeded by nearly 3 GWh, or instead predicted 10.3 GWh was produced 13 GWh of electricity.

Weather conditions were not favorable in first quarter, primarily the negative effect on production had snowfall absence in the mountains around Niksic and Piva. When it comes to TPP “Pljevlja”, the fact that it produced 91.6 percent of the plan is certainly related to the prolongation of repairs from 30 to 45 days ago.

At the beginning of the year EPCG have started with reservoirs that were significantly below the expected level. Because of all that, in the first three months the production was significantly below plan. Without favorable flow, EPCG had lower production, especially in HPP “Piva”. It was not profitable that this power plant operated at low elevations because, in this case, they consume significantly greater amounts of water than at the optimum elevation and full accumulation. On contrary, in the last quarter, when occurred balance rainfall, the production was good, and in HPP “Piva” above the plan, but these plants, after six months of operation, had 85.64 percent of the planned works, explains Grbovic and recalls on the non-terminal conditions that occurred in the second
quarter of this year, the enormous floods in the region. That was, also reflected on production results of HPP “Piva”, which could not work in the usual way because of the risk of additional flows on the Drina.

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