Montenegro energy company EPCG signed the contract for electricity supply to Željezara

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EPCG offered the electricity price to Tošcelik, 10% higher than former one, depending on daytime or nighttime consumption.

Contract for electricity delivery was signed on 4 months i.e. January, February, March and April.

Its the first commercial contract between EPCG and Željezara after Regulative Energy Agency (RAE) that had stopped to determine the price for buyers connected to transmission system that includes Željezara.

EPCG sent a proposal for electricity delivery contract to Tošcelik before the New Year. This proposal was initially accepted.

EPCG asked required electricity amount for Željezara to be defined on annual level, but its owner is not sure in it because he doesn’t know how big production in Nikšic Factory will be.

Source Serbia Energy SEE Desk/CDM