Montenegro: Energy company EPCG to develop relations with electricity traders and prepare for regional power market, says CEO Pastori

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Elektroprivreda (EPCG) is a company with a lot of potential, which has to accept the contemporary experience and standards of the developed world to be ready for the opening of the market in 2015, said the CEO, Stefano Pastori. EPCG is partially owned by italian A2A.

“We have to get used to the fact that we will be in a situation soon where we will confront and contend with stiff competition. We need to work on increasing mutual trust and stronger interactive relationship with customers,” said Pastori for journal Elektroprivreda.

According to him, one should not forget that the period until opening of the market is short.

“We must realize that we are not anymore on our own, but on Balkan market, and that there is still much to learn and get ready for the intense competition that follows. It will be very difficult if the market opens in 2015, but we’ll try to answer those challenges too,” said Pastori, who is at the head of EPCG from November.

He added that the EPCG is a good company, with a lot of potential, in what he was not sure when he discussed the possibility of taking over leadership of its executive management.

“I became convinced that it is much better than I thought when I arrived. But there is a lot on what to do. I concluded that the biggest problems of the company are internal processes that are too bureaucratic and complicated. What is good, and it relates to the professional point of view, is that we have a really good staff,” said Pastori.

He said he was able to visit a thermal power plant (TPP) Pljevlja and hydroelectric power plant (HPP) Piva so far, although he plans to visit four distributions in January.

“As far as Pljevlja, it is an old plant, but well maintained, so I’m satisfied. In Piva modernization made a great job. There is still more to be done, but I am pleased with plants,” said Pastori.

According to him, this year has been very good for EPCG, especially due to the fact that it was hydrologically favorable.

“We should not forget that it is done and a lot of work. I think next year will be much more difficult and challenging, due to the fact that after many years Piva will begin to work independently. It will not be easy, but we’re getting ready, “said the Pastori.

We should develop relationships with retailers in the region

Energy management, he added, will have to work harder on the market and to build good relationships with retailers and manufacturers in neighboring countries.

“My main concern are internal processes, which we must change in order to be successful in the market. I am optimistic and expect positive results,” said Pastori.

He said to the company’s employees that they work in a good company that can have a great future, not only in Montenegro, but also in the Balkans.

“I want to change the habits of the past and that’s why we have to constantly work on it, to improve and to build upon gained knowledge and experience. We have to accept modern business practices and standards of the developed world,” concluded Pastori.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/EPCG

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