Montenegro: Energy regulator warns power utility co EPCG that it violates the Energy Law

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The Electric Power Industry does not assess a minimum quality of electricity supply and does not provide compensation to the customers in the case of inadequate supply, which violates the Energy Law, it was released from the Energy Regulatory Agency (RAE).

– Despite the constant communication and RAE warning on this issue, EPCG does not establish a system for collecting data on the supply quality and delivery of these data to the regulator, which prevents the creation of conditions to improve the quality of electricity supply to the customers in Montenegro – said RAE in the warning to EPCG for contempt provisions of the Energy Law and the license for the electricity distribution.

From RAE recalled that they submitted forms for collection data on the quality of electricity supply to EPCG even in December last year and met its representatives with the obligation to apply and deliver them at the regulators request from January 1st this year.

EPCG, as stated, provided documentation regarding the quality of electricity supply in March.

– In the submitted material states that the documentation is adapted to current opportunities and resources available to EPCG. It was also noted that it have started some activities with aim of improving data that will be submitted on a monthly basis – they add from RAE.

Based on the analysis of submitted data, as they stated, it was concluded that the EPCG did not meet the requirements and failed to provide the requested information in the form and content in which it was requested, even though the RAE accurately and clearly indicated which data and in what form were needed.

– The urging was sent then to EPCG, by which it was pointed to deficiencies in the submitted documentation and noted that the patterns needed to be filled with data for January and February of this year and submitted to the regulator by the end of March – explained from RAE.

In early June EPCG has submitted a report on disconnections on 35kV network per month and total for the first quarter of this year, forms, reports on quality standards for the distribution system operator for March and April, as well as a summary report on the quality level of electricity energy and services for March and April.

– The submitted data are not in line with demand. Namely, the report on disconnections on 35 kV networks was submitted which does not match the format and contents of the operator distribution system (ODS). The report form on the guaranteed standards for suppliers has not been submitted yet- they said in RAE.

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