Montenegro: Energy strategy predicts 4BEUR investments, NGOs claim that Montenegro will become Italian electricity production unit

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NGOs “Green Home” and “MANS” have delivered sets of comments for Draft of Energy Development Strategy and Strategic Estimation of Environment Influence to the Ministry of Economy. These documents are, according to their estimations, continuation of bad government’s policy which makes Montenegro base for export of electricity toward Italy.

This document projects investments of incredible 4,3 billion EUR in less than 20 years where investment from private sector would amount even 2,3 billion while investment of the state whose energy companies are already in hands of Italian companies would amount 1,1 billion.

“This directly opens possibility to domestic resources to transfer in private hands and Montenegro can become a colony of powerful energy companies. Offered scenario does not confirm in one word that citizens will have any usefulness from that huge part of their territory will be ruined, but it indicates that private companies, which will sell this electricity, will have the biggest advantage from enormous exploitation of Montenegrin resources, as well as Italian citizens that will purchase electricity at lower prices unlike Montenegrin citizens”, it is stressed in statement from MANS.

According to their words, Regulatory Energy Agency is openly calling on Strategy Draft that it cares about investors’ interests and approve them acceptable return to investments what will undoubtedly bring to huge electricity price increases in following years.

“Next to that, Government experts that made Strategy Draft have resorted to manipulation in order to justify the need of construction of huge number of energy objects so they predicted that Aluminum Combine Podgorica will work in full capacity in the next 20 years which is not the case at the moment. They showed supposed deficit of electricity this way so it is illusory to discuss about energy strategy without alternative scenario about future of KAP as the biggest electricity consumer in the country”, it is emphasized in MANS.

This NGO is surprised by persistence which does not give up this project of dam construction on Moraca where authors are calling on data that were represented to the public in 2010 and which are already determined as too old and that they didn’t justified economy interest of the state for realization of this project.

They remind that they stated that Draft of Energy Development Strategy Draft presents unrealistic document which does not offer sustainable energy development of the state.

“Construction of at least two new plants, 5 big and tens of little HPPs with two wind plants, biomass plants and construction of pipeline says for itself that realization of this big number can have big consequences on environment, property and health of people”- it is stressed in MANS.

Therefore, Green Home and MANS are demanding that Energy Development Strategy Draft should return to new creation so rational, justified and real solutions to energy development in use of public interest can be offered to the people, not private domestic and foreign companies.

Source;MANS/Serbia Energy See desk