Montenegro: Environmental cross border influence study analysis results to delay RWE Drina river HPP projects, Canada REV’s cross border HPPs Brodarevo report confirmed?

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Commission for estimation of the Study of Environmental Influence of HPP “Buk Bijela” and “Foca” on Drina River- Republika Srpska and HPP Brodarevo 1 and Brodarevo 2 on Lim River- Serbia delivered the report of estimation of the Study of Environmental Influence of HPP “Buk Bijela” and “Foca” on Drina River to the Environmental Protection Agency.

“Based on detailed analysis of the Study of Environmental Influence of HPP “Buk Bijela”, it is said in the report that Commission had concluded that this study could have observed additional elements relevant to the argumentative and confident estimation of the HPP “Buk Bijela” construction influence in BiH on the Montenegrin territory. This refers to possible influence of inducted earthquakes, stimulated process of slope slipping and landslide of rock masses, transmission of river silt and denudation, coincidence of possible disasters and high water characteristic for backwater elevation and big thousand years’ water”- it is stated in the statement of Agency.

Agency concluded that flora and fauna won’t be endangered and that there will be no changes of conditions in biotope and there will be no significant changes of migration ways of terrestrial and aquatic organisms in the case that accumulation does not include the territory of Montenegro while there will be certain influence in different case and it would depend on accumulation surface on Montenegrin territory.

“Commission also thinks that reanalysis of weather conditions with numerical model for limited areas can be done, and so eventual change of weather parameters can be estimated, but with analogy on the base of earlier cases from the regional practice it can be forecasted that there won’t be many of these influences. Considering that the Study of Environmental Influence of HPP “Buk Bijela” is defined elevation with normal back pressure of 432,37 mnm which clearly show that accumulation of HPP “Buk Bjela” would include Montenegrin territory and therefore Commission insists that Montenegrin authorities alone or with authorities from another country determine elevation of basin bottom on the border. Hydro energy potential above the lowest basin elevation on Montenegrin and BiH border would be common potential if planned HPP “Buk Bijela” has worked with predicted elevation of 434 mnm”, it is stressed in the statement from the Agency.

It is stressed in the agency that cross border influence on Montenegrin territory is not quantified because of back pressure of HPP “Buk Bijela”.

“Having on mind mentioned, Commission thinks that it is necessary to edit the Study of Environmental Influence of HPP “Buk Bijela” according to mentioned conclusions. Montenegro influence dimensions could be more precisely observed after that and the form of international cooperation in the context of this Project also”, it is emphasized in the statement.

Planned accumulation of HPP “Foca” with elevation with normal back pressure of 403 mnm and which is 13km far downstream from Montenegrin border is estimated by Commission not to have any important cross border influences.

“Such influences can eventually be in negligible scope when it comes to micro climate and inducted earthquakes. Observing complete problematic, Commission defined recommendations to the Montenegrin authorities in the report, considering European Letter for water and Directive from EU about directing water, as well as other international right. Optimal water directing for needs of all consumers can be done according to principle of integral, complex and unique directing in the whole basin area. However, integral directing with water regime in Drina’s basin is not possible to accomplish without cooperation between Montenegro and BiH. Montenegro needs to sign a contract with BiH as soon as possible so that plans for water directing can be done according to contracts and agreements for objects’ construction and use can be achieved”, it is stressed in the statement.

Agency will send  this report forward to the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism which will in accordance with orders of ESPOO Convention continue further official communication with RS authorities, related to realization of planned objects.

Commission has adopted a report about the Study of Environmental Influence of HPPs Brodarevo 1 and Brodarevo 2.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/Montenegro Agency for environmental protection