Montenegro: Environmental Protection Agency warns, study of Lim’s HPPs needs to be edited, Canadian REV Brodarevo HPPs stopped due to the cross border influence

16. May 2013. / SEE Energy News


Study of environmental influence estimation for HPPs Brodarevo 1&2 construction on Lim river needs to be edited because the influence that objects will have on Montenegrin territory cannot be noticed from the existing document- it is stated from Environmental Protection Agency.

Study does not observe all elements that are relevant for argued and confident estimation of dam construction near Brodarevo in Serbia on Montenegrin territory at required level and all segments- it is stated in the report of Commission for Environmental Protection Estimation.

-HPPs Brodarevo 1 and 2 are concluded to have negative influence on Montenegrin territory from the noise, vibration and electromagnet radiation aspect or on reliability of electricity system of Montenegro. Flora and fauna won’t be endangered and conditions in biotope won’t be changed and there will be no more significant changes of migration roads of terrestrial and aquatic organisms in the case that accumulation does not reach Gostun and documents read from the map show that quote of Gostun terrain is much lower than 519 m above sea level which is the normal quote of dam’s back pressure.

-Considering mentioned, Commission thinks that it is necessary to edit Influence Estimation Study of HPP Brodarevo 1 and HPP Brodarevo 2 on environment according to determined conclusions. We can observe the size of influences, the way and form of international cooperation in the context of this project only after that-it is said in the statement.

They add that Agency will forward report to the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism which will continue further official communication with Serbian authorities important for realization of planned projects.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/Pobjeda/Agency for environmental protection

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