Montenegro: EPCG and CGES talks, Electricity Transmission System doesn’t want to pay KAP’s 3,7 million bill

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“Elektroprivreda Crne Gore” (EPCG) and Montenegrin Elctricity Transmission System are in continual negotiations in order to solve a problem with electricity supply of Aluminum Combine (KAP), CGES Managing Board Director Dragan Laketic stated.

RAE gave a deadline to companies for solving KAP’s problem or it would take their licenses away.

-KAP doesn’t have a supplier since 1 January and CGES’s responsibility, as a transmission network operator, is to take care of electricity transmission system stability. CGES gave an order to EPCG, as the only electricity producer in Montenegro to cover this rebalance in order to save system. CGES doesn’t supply KAP because they are legally forbidden to supply any company. EPCG expressed disagreement with this situation considering that energy they order for balance and stable work is being consumed by KAP. This is pretty complicated situation- Laketic said.

He stressed that it is tough to overcome this new problem.

-We haven’t made an agreement with EPCG for extra system services that would regulate all positions legally. However, my opinion is that it wouldn’t contribute to clarification of situation. EPCG thinks that CGES should pay 3,7 million of electricity KAP spent in January and which it consumes still and we don’t have this responsibility as a operator because one that consumes electricity should pay for it- Laketic said trying to harmonize the contract.

According to his words, it is believed in CGES that they should respect the written in Energy Law about market rules and methodology for extra system services. Attitudes are not harmonized yet and CGES will do anything to accomplish what regulator had ordered.

CGES informed competent institutions after the contract for electricity delivery to KAP had expired.

-We warned KAP that this situation is unsustainable and they answered that they are working on finding the supplier, that negotiations are conducted on different levels. We approached to the situation’s consideration which cuts this kind of supplier off from the net. So we talked to RAE, Ministry of Economy, Internal Business and Administration for inspectional work. Administration told us that KAP cannot be cut off from the network just like that, because it can cause heavy consequences and it can be cut off only with program that should be delivered by KAP- he claims and stresses that it was stated in KAP company that they are negotiating with several potential suppliers and that the problem will be solved soon.

Syndicate asks for parliament session

Aluminum syndicate, lead by Rade Krivokapic, messaged that they will send a request to Parliament President to hold a session of parliament where will be decided what will happen to the factory because they will protest on the contrary.

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