Montenegro, Energy company EPCG exports 5 to 7 GWh per day

, SEE Energy News

After an unprecedented drought and disruptions in the electricity market, EPCG started exporting surpluses that were created thanks to a favorable hydrological wave. These days, EPCG exports 5 to 7 gigawatt-hours per day, and revenues reach one and a half million euros per day, announced the director of Elektroprivreda, Nikola Rovčanin.

The export trend is expected in the next five months as well. Huge imports in the summer months, worth over 100 million euros, which caused losses to the company, should be canceled in the coming months and EPCG could make a profit.

Extensive rainfall increased the level in the reservoirs so that the energy reserves in HPP Perućica and HPP Piva increased by 21 GWh each.

HPP Perućića produces electricity at maximum power, because the inflows of Zeta are above the installed flow of the power plant.

During the global energy crisis, EPCG continuously and stably supplied citizens and businesses, without increasing prices, and completely independently, without state intervention, took over the entire burden of imports, Rovčanin added.