Montenegro: EPCG offers electricity supply for 42 euros/MWh to KAP

, SEE Energy News

Uniprom, the owner of the largest electricity consumer in Montenegro – Aluminium Factory Podgorica (KAP), has been negotiating with power utility EPCG on the supply of electricity for two months already. According to media, EPCG offers the price of 42 euros/MWh, the assumed average for this year, which is significantly higher than last year.

EPCG supplies electricity to KAP for three months already, because one-year supply contract KAP had with Slovak company LE Trading expired in early March. Despite several announcements, the contract was not extended to planned four years. In the first two months after the expiration of the contract, KAP bought electricity through Montenegro Bonus, its previous supplier, after which it entered direct negotiations with EPCG.

The price offered by EPCG is significantly higher than 35 euros/MWh prescribed in the supply contract with LE Trading. Last year, EPCG offered the price of 37.46 euros/MWh to KAP, while in 2014, EPCG supplied KAP at the price of 45.5 euros/ MWh.

Representatives of KAP said last year that the company is consuming some 1,512 MWh of electricity per day, or 551,880 MWh annually, adding that after the planned overhaul of the plant, KAP will increase its daily consumption to 2,400 MWh, which means that annual consumption will be increased to 876,000 MWh.