Montenegro: EPCG plans 3,5 terawatt of electricity, hydro power gen working on max output

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Electricity production in Montenegro Energy company EPCG power gen facilities was below plans last year, while the beginning of this year promises positive results because there is no more commitment to supply from Aluminum Combine and Zeljezara, among other things- Operation Director of the Company, Zoran Djukanovic, stated.

-The beginning of the year promises positive results in HPPs because inflows are good, accumulations are full. Production in TPP Pljevlja is good as always and we are satisfied with operation readiness of facilities, Djukanovic said for Elektroprivreda press and announced 3,5 terawatt-hours from domestic resources in Montenegro for the next year.

He added that 16% higher electricity production is planned for this year with reference to achievements from last year.

Djukanovic reminded that negative production results in the last year are caused by hydro production fall. Hydro production is crucial for positive business of EPCG as a cheaper source.

-Situation in production operations of HPPs was grate in the last quarter of previous year, but it wasn’t enough to accomplish the annual plan- Djukanovic stated. He thinks that bad hydrological situation in the first three quarters of the last year influenced low production.

Annual production of HPPs on Perucica and Piva is decreased for 10% i.e. 19%.

Source Serbia Energy SEE Desk/EPCG