Montenegro: EPCG power company gets more MW from HPP Piva since the cancellation of contract with Serbia EPS Power utility

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Termination of validity the Contract on long-term business cooperation with the Electric Power Industry of Serbia has not caused significant changes in working of HPP Piva, except that now it participates in the tertiary regulation which implies optimization of power flows in grid and in production system.

Director of HPP Piva, Milan Radovic told the newspaper “Electricpower Industry” that it was resulted by changes in the hourly planned allocation of power plants.

In the first three months of this year, HPP Piva produced 130 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity, which is 54.6 percent of the plan.

“However, the level of accumulation is significantly above than planned for this period and amounts195 GWh. However, due to the lack of snow, it is unlikely that the charge of accumulation will be in the way as it was in the previous year, “said Radovic.

He added that last year was marked by the production, which was one of record, as well as by completion of the project Lot 3, when was replaced equipment in the substation, transmission and busbar protection and it was established a new control system.

“Both generator and block transformer protection are changed, a server acquisition system is set up and the auxiliary power is replaced along with continuous,” said Radovic.

He said, as well this year would be for investments in the HPP Piva because works were being continued on the entrance building project through Lot 4.

“The project whose estimated value is 630 euros, includes protection for all three pipelines, and according to the security aspect, the front building is the most important part of the plant,” Radovic said.

According to him, in the coming year, for the HPP is important modernization of bridge cranes for planned works on the aggregate A1 as well.

“This year, I expect this work to be completed by the beginning of the planned overhaul works this year,” Radovic said.

“Currently 104 workers are employed in HPP Piva, but the age structure is not optimal,” he reminded.

“The employees in HPP Piva have a responsible business approach, as befits such workers who are engaged on that important electro energetic premise, but it is needed to find a space for the young people, especially when they have from whom to learn,” Radovic concluded.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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