Montenegro: Fersa Energias RES to start wind park construction, Japanese_Austrian consortium delays its project

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If all goes by planned schedule, the construction of wind farm on Mozura could begin no later than 15 May. The procedure for obtaining a building permit for the construction of wind farms on Možura in Ulcinj and Bar is in progress, whose construction was entrusted to the Spanish consortium Fersa Energias Renovables.

– Implementation of the project of construction Mozura wind power plant of installed power up to 46 MW runs according to determined time schedule. The investor has submitted a request for a building permit 15 January of this year – according to the Ministry of Economy.

– According to the amendments to the Law on Spatial Planning and Construction, the Spaniards can hope for building permit, issued by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, within two months.


– According to the Contract of lease of land and construction of the wind farm, investor is obliged to commence construction of the wind farm within two months from the issuance of building permits – it is stated in the Ministry.

This means that if all goes planned schedule, the construction of the wind farm could begin no later than 15 May.


When it comes to building the wind farm Krnovo, the Ministry of Economy claims that complement the study was necessary on the basis of a proposal made ​​by the amendments to the Decision on determining the public interest to expropriate property for the construction of the the wind farm in December last year.

For site Krnovo, the government signed an agreement on the construction of wind power installed capacity up to 50 MW with the Japanese-Austrian company Krnovo Green Energy, provided that its installed capacity can be increased up to 72 MW.

– Proposal to adopt amendment to the decision will be sent to the Government. Once the Government establishes a public interest, and publishes it in the Official Gazette, it will be accessed to the implementation of property relations, in order to allow the expropriation user to enter into possession of expropriated property and the investor to commence works on the construction of the wind farm Krnovo – said the Ministry.

Why the deadlines are breached?

Commenting on the fact that both investors prolonged the deadline for construction of wind power plant, the Ministry of Economy explained that the construction of these projects required a long period of time, from the time of leasing the land, through extensive research works, the construction and connection to the power system.

Contracts with the Spaniards and the Japanese-Austrian company Krnovo Green Energy were signed in 2010. If it was as investors announced, Montenegro would have the first kilowatt-hours of electricity from wind power plant in Mozura near Ulcinj last year, and from site Krnovo first windmills would “spin wings” in mid year. Otherwise, the Directive of the European Commission has set a target that by 2020, 20 percent of the total energy used in the EU is produced from renewable sources.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk