Montenegro: Fersa Energias to sell its wind park project

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Construction of the first wind farm in Montenegro, on the hill Krnovo between Niksic and Savnik will start in early May; it was officially announced in the Ministry of Economy.

The exact date of wind farm construction on the hill Mozura near Bar is not known yet, since the first investor gave up the building and demanded the transfer of the contract to another company, which is interested in the realization of this project in our country.

30 wind turbines with total power of 72 MW will be built on the Krnovo. The expected annual electricity generation of wind farm Krnovo is about 160 GWh.

If we take one Montenegrin household that spends an average of about one megawatt of electricity as the example, the construction of this wind farms could meet needs of nearly 20,000 households in Montenegro or about 70,000 people.

After construction, the wind farm will be connected directly to our transmission grid. Montenegrin Transmission System gave approval yet in August 2011th for the connection of wind farms Krnovo with installed capacity of 72 megawatts.

“Due to the construction of 400 kV transmission line from the Montenegrin coast to Pljevlja, CGES agreed that Krnovo wind farms be connected in Brezna and not to the substation Niksic”, said then in the Ministry of Economy.

Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism has issued a permit for the construction of wind farms in Krnovo and Mozura.

When it comes to the project implementation on the hill Mozura between Bar and Ulcinj, the ministry is considering whether to accept the contract transfer to another company interested in building wind farms at the mentioned location because the first investor gave up.

“The contract of land leasing for the wind farm construction at the locality of Mozura was concluded with a consortium “Fersa & Celebic “(investor) which consists of” Fersa Energias Renovables “S.A. from Spain and “Celebic” Ltd from Podgorica. In accordance with the contract the investor request for the contract transfer has been submitted to the Ministry of Economy. The process of considering the mentioned request by a legal team is underway and until a final decision on this issue investor is still obliged to respect the obligations under the contract covered by a bank guarantee for the fulfillment of obligations from the same “, highlighted in the Ministry.

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