Montenegro: Gov and A2A, Alignment of strategic goals, and making a cooperation model for power utility EPCG

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Montenegrin Government has committed to overcome the outstanding issues between the shareholders of Electric Power Industry of Montenegro EPCG, and if we agree on the strategic objectives, it will be the basis for defining future relations in a mutually satisfactory manner, said Deputy Prime Minister Vujica Lazovic in an interview with the new management of the company A2A, represented by the President of the Company Giovanni Valoti and executive director Luka Camerano.

At the meeting was told that the investmentswere crucialfor the Government, especially as soon as possible creation of the preconditions for the development of Unit 2 in TPP Pljevlja.

It was agreed that a joint team should work intensively on defining optimization models of thermal-energy complex in Pljevlja, and the reorganization of the Thermal power plant and coal mine, according to the model that will serve to the most effective implementation of Unit 2.
The interlocutors also discussed on the circumstances and problems related with the relationship between the Government and A2A in the period of application of the Treaty on EPCG.

“Considering the connection of the rights and obligations regulated by the Law and the problems that were actual during the five years of cooperation, the emphasis is on key issues, whose resolution is a prerequisite for defining future relations. Appreciating the importance of the contract, it was reiterated the readiness to redefine relations, especially in terms of the future management organization and emphasized the analysisimportance of all the aspects, which  can be improvedon the basis of previous experience and served as a guidelinesset for future strategic cooperation “, it was stated from the Government.

At the meeting it was also discussed on other issues, including the electricitycost for large customers, as well as the need to speed up activities on the possible utilization of hydropower potential.

Visit to Podgorica is the first international activity of the new leadership since their appointment in June of this year, which is a confirmation of the importance which company A2A gives to the project in Montenegro.

The talks were attended by the Minister of Economy Vladimir Kavaric and the President of the Tender Commission for Privatization and coordinator of the Montenegrin team for negotiations with the A2A Branko Vujovic.