Montenegro: Government adopted the information on the activities of TPP Pljevlja

, SEE Energy News

In accordance with the conclusions of the Government from December 2018, which followed the ascertainment of the impossibility of realization of the contract for the construction of the second unit of TPP Pljevlja, signed between power utility EPCG and Czech company Skoda Praha, EPCG focused its efforts on the timely realization of the project of environmentally oriented reconstruction of the existing unit of TPP Pljevlja.

It is especially important that the operation of TPP Pljevlja is limited to a total of 20,000 working hours in the period from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2023. The number of used working hours as of 2019 amounts to a total of 13,809 hours, while the remaining unused working hours remain at 6,191. In this regard, EPCG in its investment plan for the period 2019-2023, recognized the environmentally-oriented reconstruction of the existing block of TPP Pljevlja as a priority project.

The environmental reconstruction project is a multi-year project, which should ultimately ensure full compliance of emissions of harmful particles from the power plant with European regulations. Analyzes conducted during the development of the conceptual design confirmed the good condition of the existing equipment, which indicates the full justification of this investment, which will enable the continuation of the thermal power complex at full capacity, but which ultimately results in much better environmental parameters.

Activities related to the implementation of this project include the construction of a desulphurization system, denitrification, improvement of the electrostatic filter facility, construction of a wastewater treatment system and reconstruction of the internal ash and slag transport system.

Earlier this month, EPCG signed a contract for the reconstruction of coal-based thermal power plant Pljevlja with a consortium led by Chinese Dongfang Electric Company (DEC). In November, EPCG announced that it has selected a consortium consisting of Dongfang Electric Corporation, Bemax, BB Solar and Permonte as a contractor for the environmentally oriented reconstruction of TPP Pljevlja. The deadline for the completion of works is 39 months for the date of signing the contract. The selected consortium offer to perform the reconstruction for around 54.4 million euros including VAT, while the offers by two other bidders were significantly higher: Shanghai Electric Group offered 97.9 million euros and Hamon-Rudis consortium offered 72.5 million euros.