Montenegro: Increased consumption triggered increase of electricity price from neighboring markets

, SEE Energy News

Enormous consumption of electricity in the region triggered the sudden increase of electricity prices specially on stock markets which are oriented toward Italy, BSP South Pool Slovenia and HUPX Hungary.

This market trend was also influenced by the overhauls and disconnection of large power generators in the region ( NPP Krsko, NPP Matra, NPP Paks, TPP TENT A and TPP Kostolac B).

Influencing factors were high costs of cross border capacities Bulgaria-Serbia and overhauls on high voltage grid connections France-Italy, closing of borders Austria-Slovenia, Romania-Hungary. For this reasons it was impossible that cheaper electricity from Germany, France and other CEE countries reaches Italy and Balkan states.

Despite the fact that increased electricity consumption in whole region lead to sudden and unplanned price increase on the market, Montenegro power utility EPCG managed to maintain stable supply to all consumers stated from EPCG.

EPCG used the situation in the region and managed to sale some of its electricity on the neighboring market with high prices reaching 155EUR/MW, transmits

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