Montenegro is still awaiting the response from Serbia

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After Montenegro, specifically the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro launched a diplomatic procedures against Serbia twenty days ago because of the potential construction of hydro power plants on the river Lim there has been no response from the other side. Assistant Minister Ivana Vojnovic for Antenna M:

“Montenegro is still awaiting the response from Serbia in this regard.”

Vojnovic added that she does not believe that the letter did not arrive at the right address, because Serbia was addressed through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro and the Embassy of Serbia in Montenegro.

She commented on the recent statement of the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mines of the Republic Srpska  Željko Kovačević that Montenegro  is not competent regardin the construction of hydro power plants on Drina, because that area is under full sovereignty of the Republic Srpska. There is no dillema, repeated Vojinovic, the state of Montenegro does not want to influence and interfere with the decisions of other states about their development projects:

“But when it comes to projects with potential cross-border impacts on the environment of another state, which is the issue in this case, since there might be a potential impact of  hydro power plants from Srpska on the environment in Montenegro, we have only used the right provided and absolutely guaranteed by signed international agreements, and it is our right to have all relevant information made available to us and documents related to the assessment of potential impacts of the construction of HPP on the upper Drina on the environment, presented to us for consideration. “

The Minister of Economy Vladimir Kavarić will meet with the energy ministers of the Republic Srpska and Serbia in Belgrade.

The meeting will be preceded by a meeting with the Prime Ministers of Serbia, Ivica Dacic.

At the trilateral meeting the ministers will discuss the deepening of cooperation in the energy sector, as well as the existing and future projects, it was announced by the Government.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine