Montenegro is threatened by exclusion from EU electricity system because of KAP

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Montenegrin electricity transmission system got warning that exception is possible as Serbia file complaint to Montenegrin TSO company.

The problem is that Aluminum Combine Podgorica which is consuming electricity illegally since 22 February. It was appealed from Serbia that this problem needs to be solved so the system can go back into balance as soon as possible.

Montenegrin TSO company CGES claims that exception cannot endanger European energy system for now but it is possible for other consumers to suffer because of KAP’s problems. If problem is not solved, Montenegro can be excluded from European electricity system where information is exchanged every day so that every country is familiar to the problem of our country.

Montenegro is part of regional block with Macedonia and Serbia.

The Member of Parliament Collegiate and President of Board for Economy, Finances and Budget, Aleksandar Damjanovic, say that problem needs to be solved as soon as possible.

-It can be solved with adoption of conclusions from the Board which is on the suggestion of SNP delegates adopted and forwarded to the Parliament. Therefore, there is a need for Montenegrin Parliament to determine itself according to these conclusions in order to solve this kind of things and to avoid international shame and to resolve problem in the circle EPCG- KAP. The most important is to respect demands of workers from KAP and Bauxite Mine. Every postponing leaves severe consequences to employees’ rights, KAP, EPCG and Montenegrin economy.

Damjanovic adds that Parliament needs to declare about eventual adoption of certain conclusions by the end of April the latest.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/CGES