Montenegro: KAP illegal electricity consumption causes regional TSO disputes

6. May 2013. / SEE Energy News

Montenegro Regulatory Energy Agency RAE will ask Montenegrin electricity transmission system for information related to the warning that CGES got from Serbia, warning for exclusion of Montenegrin regional electricity system.

Request that had been earlier sent to Aluminum Combine KAP, where planned cell turnoff is asked, was again sent by CGES. They stressed that this is only monitoring and they cannot order CGES to disconnect Combine from network.

Rade Krivokapic, the leader of the syndicate estimated that end a story about KAP is urgent and warning from Serbia is a proof for that.

“This is one of directions how to behave in EU tomorrow because consumers like Aluminum Combine that haven’t resolved electricity supply cannot exist. We are warning about this situation for more than a half year although we didn’t know that this warning can arrive sideward because this is not normal for one giant ‘neither here nor there’”, Krivokapic said to the radio Antena M.

We remind that CGES got warning from Serbia, as regional regulatory for electricity balance, and exception made by one Montenegrin electricity system is very concerning. The problem is that KAP which spends electricity illegally since 22 February. It was appealed from Serbia for problem to be solved and to bring system into balance as soon as possible.

As radio Antena M reported, exception cannot endanger European electricity system but it can happen that other consumers suffer because of KAP. If problem is not solved, Montenegrin can be excluded from European electricity system where information is being exchanged on daily basis so every country is introduced to our problem.

Antena M unofficially finds out in  Serbian TSO company EMS “Elektromreza Srbije” that they are not responsible for determining the causes of disorders in our system or they can disconnect us from European network. Decision about eventual turnoff is made by ENTSO i.e. European Network of Transmission System Operators. There must be “many frequent disorders in the system” in order to disconnect some country from the system- it was explained on Podgorica’s radio.

We are not the first or last to be warned. Warnings exist because of system breakdowns which can be the reasons for exceptions.

Executive Director of KAP, Jurij Moisejev, has messaged earlier that they don’t have enough money for electricity and it was said from CGES that spending without paying is not appropriate. However, Aluminum Combine has money for severance fees. 77 employees have applied for leaving and they will be able to take money next week.

“There will be another offer which won’t differ only in numbers, it will enable people to go away regardless to internship in KAP, because this was limited to people who have over 55 years. This offer is expected during May”, Krivokapic said.

Severance fees were from 6 to 14 thousand EUR.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/Agencies

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